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The Celebration of Texas Independence Day!                           March 2nd, Since 1836

Jay L. Johnson, Jr.​​
1938 - 2001
Founder Celebrate Texas, Inc.

It is not our goal to
" have one large party 
to celebrate Texas Independence Day.  
Instead, we want
ALL Texans to join
the celebration.

We will help them, when necessary, to
plan their celebration, each in their own way,
expressing their appreciation for the
many benefits that make Texas what
it is today...UNIQUE!

That's the TEXAS way to celebrate,
why not join us?"

                                               ~Jay L. Johnson, Jr.

Jay L. Johnson, Jr. was born in Houston, Harris County, on September 7, 1938, to Jay L. Johnson, Sr. and Ida Louise Breil.  Upon moving to Austin, Travis County, with his parents, Johnson attended both Austin High School and the University of Texas at Austin.  After college, Johnson entered the business world, where he started a construction company, a real estate firm and opened several restaurants.

Because of his interests in Austin, Johnson became a member and was on the board of numerous organizations, including the Austin and National Jaycees, the March of Dimes and the Austin Heritage Society.  His civic interests led him to a seat on the Austin City Council, which he held from 1969 to 1971.

After suffering defeat in his next election bid, Johnson did not shy away from his civic duties.  He
spent many years working to improve Austin's landmarks, businesses and residences.

His work earned him many awards and recognotions.  He was chosen as Austin's Outstanding Young Man in 1970, selected as one of 2,000 Men of Achievement and received the Leadership Award from the March of Dimes.

Johnson's love of Texas history led him to create Celebrate Texas, Inc., which was started in order to revive the celebration of Texas Independence Day, March 2nd.

Johnson passed away on July 26, 2001 and is buried in the Texas State Cemetery amongst numerous other great Texas leaders.